President Jimmi Richard Wanjigi!

 President JW
 A Raila win in Kenya’s presidential elections will be a win for Jimmi Richard Wanjigi, this Publication can confidently report. Raila will only be a vassal President, with real power lying with JW as they refer to him.  They will have no power for he has bought them and supported their campaigns.
Jimmi has been plotting to bring down President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government since 2013 because the government has stood on his way to fleecing Kenyans. Wanjigi brought together the then competing opposition groups URP and TNA led by William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta, respectively in 2012, ahead of that year’s election. 
His idea was to put in power a government that will look the other way as he plunders Kenya. Among his pet project that he hoped the new government will allow him to implement, was the US$ 9 billion Standard Gauge Railway and the US$ 600 million second runway and passenger terminal at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.
The two projects, slipped through his fingers during the Uhuru Kenyatta administration. The SGR was taken over and implemented by the government while the   second terminal project was cancelled. That angered Wanjigi who decided to bring down the Kenyatta administration.
 He thus threw his weight and financial muscle behind Raila Odinga led CORD.  That is why, the Opposition made life difficult for the Kenyatta administration in the last five years with a string of alleged corruption deals in the government. The major one was the alleged theft of US$ 1 billion of the Eurobond saga and the NYS corrupt deals where fake witnesses were bought to allege huge theft. It ended up costing the then Cabinet secretary in charge of devolution, Anne Waiguru her job.

A document seen by this publications suggests that Wanjigi eyes the NYS among other agencies as his corruptions conduits. In the document, a power agreement between the NASA principals led by Raila and JW, the man will finance the entire NASA presidential campaign for a total of Kshs 10 billion.  The ten billion shilling campaign kitty was to be administered by Jimmi wanjigi, assisted by Raila Odinga, Ida Odinga, John Githongo and David Ndii.  
 Rao: President? Noway! Just a window dresser

 How did the five principals agree to an agreement that virtually strips them of all power reducing them to no more than decoration in the office? A British intelligence document say that Raila was strong armed into signing such a deal. Even the five principals, says the report, were forced to join NASA by their financier. Actually bought to sign the deal. Kalonzo, Wetangula, Mudavadi and Issac Rutto were each paid Kshs 300 million out- of- pocket expense for supporting a Raila Presidential bid on a NASA ticket.

 A British Foreign Office analysis of the security situation in Kenya, accuses Wanjigi of forcing the coalition together with the hope they shall pull a surprise win against Uhuru and Ruto. The document cautions about a “dangerous scheme hatched by dirty financial titans in Kenya and abroad.”
Back to the “power sharing and business agreement” between NASA and JW. In consideration of his financial support, Should NASA come to power, the agreement says, kwacha limited, a company owned by Wanjigis and his associates will be given seven major infrastructure projects worth kshs 2.270 trillion.
From these Wanjigi will make a Kshs 1 trillion profit which is 63 per cent of the entire investment in the projects, suggesting massive over-pricing. 
The money shall be shared with the principals as follows: Wanjigi will take kshs 400 billion. And of the remaining Kshs600 billion, Raila will take home Kshs 240 billion, Kalonzo Kshs 120 billion, Wetanguala and Mudavadi, Kshs 30 billion each. The balance, Kshs 120 billion, will be kept in a common pool administered by Jimmi Wanjigi, John Githongo and David Ndii.
In addition, Wanjigi, will nominate “Cabinet and Principal Secretaries for Treasury, Defence, Interior, Finance, Energy, Housing and Transport and Infrastructure;  Central Bank Governor, Head of Public Service Office, Inspector General of Police, Heads of National Intelligence Service and CID, Military Commanders, State House Comptroller, Attorney General, and ALL positions in the Public Service above Job Group V.”
 Kalonzo: Deputy window dresser

 Failure to capture the seat is a No option for NASA as the agreement demands “the 5 Principals must ensure it wins or by all means or force a grand coalition.” It also warns that should NASA come to power and fail to give the said contract to the Wanjigi, group, “the five Principals will individually and collectively, be liable to repay Wanjigi his Kshs 10 billion plus a Kshs 50 billion interest as agreed in a separate commercial contract.” 
This clause is perhaps to protect Wanjigi from incurring losses should the find Principals turn against him once they are in office. It is alleged that his Kshs 600 million went down the drain when UHuRuto turned against him once they got to power in 2013.
This document initially sounded preposterous when it fell into our hands and just ignored it since we could not verify it.  Although commissioned by a Nairobi advocate, Christine Adhiambo Opiyo, it had discrepancies that made us skeptical. However, after the British Foreign Office document surfaced, coupled with the Police raid into Wanjigi’s Muthaiga home Last Monday, it began to sound real.
The British Foreign office, explains that the British intelligence listened on Wanjigi’s conversations and established that he has entered into deal with the Serbian and Russian  associates to turn the Kenyan security forces especially KDF, into end users of military equipment from the eastern Europe. He has also schemed to privatize the Eldoret bullet factory with him as a major shareholder.
The idea is to produce eastern European ammo in the factory.  The British intelligence suspects that he shall also train a militia just “to keep the principals in check.”
 But the same militia will be used to attack British and Canadian interest in Lokichar Oil basin to force them out, warns the intelligence brief. Once forced out the suspected 23 billion barrels, oil fields will fall in the hands of Asian oil prospectors.

 This Brief sheds light into Wanjigi’s demand to be allowed to nominate for appointment, Cabinet Secretaries, permanent secretaries in Key ministries and also appoint Military and Police Chiefs. He wants compliant people who shall turn a blind eye to his plunder of Kenya.


  1. Could this be true!! Is Kenya really for sale???

  2. This is very serious and only God can help us to come out of this

  3. Ohhh thats vile...serious information...

  4. what is done under the table will come up on the table. leadership comes from the Lord.

  5. My question is how unholy can the NASA principals be, to weave such a web against the Kenyan people??

    1. Why on earth do u let people die n u font let go if it wasnt for such things. Thats why they dont care.

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  6. Daniel 4 vs 17 and Psalms 2..... Kenya is not a play ground

  7. The end will justify the mean

  8. Jubilee propaganda... Nonsense.. Hogwash

    1. Don't hide under pseoudonymns. Identify yourself so that we know you exist.

  9. He borrowed me 5 shillings when I was a student at University and he never paid me.


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