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Why the High cost of living?

This is not how to lower cost of living There is a justifiable outcry over the high cost of living, not just in Kenya, but globally. Everywhere the shoe is pinching.   Have our feet grown bigger or has the shoe tightened? Whatever the case, the shoe is pinching. When did it begin to pinch and why?  Let’s begin with when?  A little recent history is a good starting point: Back in 2020, a nasty epidemic hit the world. It was vicious, spreading fast, and claiming lives faster than wars. It was the COVID-19 epidemic.  To check its spread and protect their people, countries instituted lockdowns that lasted for months.  The world economy was devastated!  Lockdowns meant joblessness, no money, and no tax revenue for governments. Towards the end of 2020, the lockdowns were lifted worldwide leading to massive supply chain bottlenecks because of excess demand for goods and inputs.  And, before the world handled that shock successfully, Russia invaded Ukraine in a war that still rages on.