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Decommissioning " fiction analysts" In East Africa

 The Tanzania Railways Corporation is inching towards commissioning the Standard Gauge Railways in the near future. At the same time, it will decommission a lot of “fiction analysts and Writers” as the reality of the line hits home. In fact, the process has already begun.               Analysis of Hardware for each of the three lines Corporation Locomotives Coaches wagons Total ERC 41   1130 1171 KRC 57 40 1620 1717 TRC 17 80 1420 1517 The three top largest and most robust economies in East Africa will each have a Standard Gauge Railway line. There will be no room for fiction anymore. The narrative will shift to “what is,” from “what should be.”  We will be ticking the boxes on each line and comparing them. Two of the boxes can be checked already, the costs and quality of the lines, and the c