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USA heightens the war for the African Market

President Xi Jinping and DonTrump:  Standing eyeball-to-eyeball     The USA has stoked the fires for fierce competition for Economic and Political Influence in Africa. New legislation, to be signed into Law soon, will double US Corporate investments in Africa to $60 billion. The Build Act also creates a government agency to lead the effort. The agency, International Development Finance Corporation, IDFC, will do more than its predecessor because it will buy a stake in development projects in Africa.  That makes it the pathfinder for and driver of corporate America’s entry into Africa for, by buying a stake, IDFC will oblige Corporate America, whose understanding of Africa is minimal, to take the risk and enter the continent’s development agenda. Some commentators have already placed Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, and Ethiopia on the radar because they are considered low-risk countries.  These countries are also on the investment radar of the eastern dragons le