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Kenya gunning for eighth slot in world geothermal rankings

Screengrab of KenGen Presentation Kenya is set to leapfrog Iceland as the world’s eighth largest geothermal producer in the World.  The country will launch its 165.4 Mw Olkaria V power plant in July this year bringing its total geothermal capacity to 855.4 MW, ahead of Iceland’s 710 MW.  And going by the string of investments currently in progress, Kenya could also leapfrog Italy, the “birthplace” of geothermal technology from position seven in a year or two. In fact, Mexico and New Zealand also have their positions seven  and six respectively, threatened by Kenya’s investments. The capacity of these three are Italy 944 MW; Mexico 951 MW and New Zealand 980 MW. All these are within Kenya’s sight which has a penchant for large capacity plants. Currently, there are three projects whose contracts have been approved to generate more than 400 MW of geothermal power in the next three years. These are; Suswa 300MW and Menengai GDC field 105 MW. This is in addition to Kengen’s Olka