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Kenya's is the cheapest SGR in East Africa

Mombasa Super Bridge on Kenya's SGR  KENYA'S STANDARD GAUGE RAILWAY  is the cheapest in East Africa, we can report. It cost US$4.43 million per kilometer while Ethiopia spent $5 million, Eritrea $ 5.05 and Tanzania's central Corridor will cost $4.05 million for the same length. This is despite the fact they are upgrades on existing lines and are of inferior quality to Northern Corridor SGR.  The Central Corridor line is AREMA standard while the Ethiopian Djibouti line is Class two Chinese standard. The Northern Corridor, on the other hand, is Class one Chinese standard designed for double stack wagons while the other two are single stack lines. The Maximum load capacity of both the Central Corridor and the Ethiopian line is 20 tones while the Northern Corridor's capacity is 35 tonnes. In addition, the Central Corridor and the Ethiopian lines have level Crossings with no bridges, The Kenyan line on the other hand boast of 29.5 Km of bridges and no level crossin

Be wary of this college

Students and Parents seeking quality British Education in Kenya had better do due diligence on the colleges claiming to offer such “education at your doorstep.” One such college is Edulink International College based on Ngong road, Nairobi. The parent company of the college has a history of disappointing its students and parents elsewhere. Edulink Consultants, the parent company is based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.   It entered Africa via Victoria University in Kampala Uganda in 2011. The university, though a  provisionally licensed institution, was affiliated to the privately owned University of Buckingham in the UK.  It had admitted some 180 students by late 2012 but it closed its doors in January 2013, citing a disagreement on Gay rights with the Uganda government. Uganda has a hardline stance on gay rights and had by then proposed legislation outlawing Homosexual practices.  The University of Buckingham withdrew its support to Victoria University citing re