Orphans of the aborted Journey to Canaan

RAO: Joshua leading flock to the wilderness
The journey to Canaan has aborted! The river Jordan did not stop its waters and Joshua has aborted the trip and is leading his flock back to the wilderness. The aborted journey has left in its wake Orphans, shattered dreams, careers in jeopardy, anger and a potential scattering of the flock. That is perhaps how events of October 25th, 2017 can be described.

  The winds that failed to stop the river Jordan was a rebellion by the Supreme Court of Kenya judges who refused to hear an application suspending yesterday’s election.  That rebellion saved Kenya from an artificial crisis created by the Court and the “Lawfare’’ brigade.  That Uhuru will then president in the next five years is fait accompli.

 The brigade, itself desperate for a place in the government, is determined to do everything to achieve its goal. It must, for NASA signed itself into a trap.  It has a contract with Jimmi Wanjigi, who funded its Presidential bid for a whopping Kshs 10 billion. The contract requires NASA “to win the election by all means or force a grand coalition.” Failure to do this, the NASA brigade “will individually and collectively be required to pay back the ten billion plus a fifty billion interest.”

This has the party desperate for Kshs 60 billion is no chicken feed.  Consequently, when the route through Courts hit a Cul de sac, an alternative had to be sought quicklySome confusion called resistance Movement was born. Well not really unexpected, the birth of the rebel movement.
Now that the journey has aborted, a lot of people have a bitter taste in their mouths.  Chief among them is Raila Amolo Odinga, whose dream to occupy Statehouse appears shattered. 

The day, October 25th, 2017, will enter the annals of Kenya’s history as a watershed when dreams and aspirations were cut short.  Drama unfolded at the Courts culminating in the collapse of NASA dream. There was a rebellion at the Supreme Court, scuttling what was perhaps the last ditch effort to scuttle the elections.
So Raila and his surrogates are the first casualties. And given that he is the first orphan, the birth of the rebel movement, could be just a smokescreen for his fear of prosecution for treason.  The National Resistance Movement, is unlikely to resonate with Kenyans, apart from his Luo Nyanza.  It could turn out to be a major blunder on his part. By destroying NASA, a legally recognized political conglomeration to replace it with NRM, he has jumped from the legal to the illegal inviting the use of force to end it.
JW: Lost bet. Kes 10bn down the drain

Second, it leaves him wide open to rebellion by his other principals since NRM was not part of the NASA deal. It turns the other principals, namely; Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, and Moses Wetangula into principal rebels. Their supporters also become rebels. Whether they approved of the shift from a political outfit to a militant one, remains to be seen. One thing is certain though, if the new outfit takes root, the supporters will decamp once the ramifications become clear. If that comes to pass, Raila will be isolated and an easy target for the government. He is the first and major casualty of his foolishness.
 The collapse of the journey to Canaan has also left a string of orphans, chief among them, Jimmi Wanjigi. He funded the NASA campaign hoping to buy the position of emperor and tenderprenuer per excellence, where he would make Kshs 1 trillion in five years through plunder of Kenya. From this, Wanjigi was to pocket Kshs 400 billion and share the balance with Raila Kshs240 billion, Kalonzo shs 120 billion, Weta and Mudavadi were to take home Shs 30 billion a piece by the end of the looting term.. That dream has now evaporated making Raila damaged goods to him. He will bid his time and shop around for another compliant politician.
The rebellion at the Supreme Court has Chief Justice Maraga and ‘his majority bench,” definitely in a fix. Their stay at the top of the Judiciary department is definitely shaky. Their removal from the apex court is certain. So they are the second orphan of the aborted judiciary aided coup. The question is if they shall face prosecution for treason.  If sufficient evidence is adduced that they willfully overturned the will of Kenyans, on September 1st, then, they may just face such trial. Theirs will be an ignominious exit from a stage that had dressed them with accolades. 
Other orphans include a number of high court Judges and a number of NGOs starting led by AFRICOG  and its surrogates, which are funded by George Soros, the billionaire  alleged to be a regime change artist. The backlash will destroy a string of careers in the Judiciary, politics and the NGO world.
for the victims." This is the wrong narrative- and the analysts-mainly CORD supporters, just like the ODM supporters of 2010, are again prevaricating. The issue is simple: Now that there is no evidence linking Uhuru with the violence, who committed the crime? Did it happen of itself or did somebody organise, plan, finance and execute the violence? Who was that? Where did the violence begin? How come we don't hear of violence in Kisumu, Kibera, Eldoret, Mathare and other places, bur only violence in Naivasha and Nakuru?The Supreme Court Judges led by Maraga must be a deeply distressed lot: A ruling that won them accolades World-wide could turn out to be their waterloo, opening them to opprobrium instead. They have already been branded the Wakora four.
The legality of the ruling is beginning to unravel even before the ink that wrote the ruling dried. Its beneficiary, Raila Odinga, engaged in strange activities, going about demanding the blood of so many people, rather than campaigning.  When the blood was not spilled, he resorted to sabotage. Evidence is emerging of a deliberate effort to sabotage Kenyans’ will.  
SCOK Judges: Third tier of orphans
The evidence suggests an elaborate scheme to carry a Court assisted Coup in Kenya. The emerging evidence, analysts say, claimed the first casualty in Roselyn Akombe, an electoral commissioner, who fled the country slightly more than a week to the fresh presidential elections to day.
 Raila has always claimed he was rigged out since 2007. Events since, September 1 to yesterday expose him as a serial loser and liar.  Raila’s group has always worked to sabotage SCelection results by claiming rigging while they were the thieves. His metamorphosis into a rebel could as well be the final nail in the coffin of his political career.
This is because he turns himself into damaged goods in the eyes of his financiers who do not see any benefit of funding him. Raila is described a European intelligence network, as a person who cannot keep friends, disorganized and illiterate, useful only in brinkmanship.

 And Uhuru Kenyatta, the strategist appearing to have the upper hand, Raila is likely to become a white elephant to financiers. And financiers do not like to waste their Money on white elephants.
 There could be a last ditch effort to derail the results of Thursday’s election which President Kenyatta is expected to win. Perhaps a surrogate, NGO will rush to court to file a petition against swearing him. Maraga himself could also refuse to Swear-in the President by resigning at the last minute.
 It is unlikely such attempts will succeed. Hence the list of orphans will grow longer.

Kenyatta has executed himself as a calculating strategist. One who, while appearing indifferent to lies and insults, hands you a rope to hang yourself. That strategy virtually brought the International Criminal court to disrepute. He actually put it on trial.  Our SCOK is in the same uncomfortable position.


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