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How Creative destruction drove Kenya’s economic growth

How the Mobile Phone evolved  Simply defined, creative destruction is innovation.  Innovation is introducing new and efficient technologies of production and also paradigm shifts in management thinking.  It is called creative destruction because innovation essentially causes adaptations that kill the old technologies or management styles.  Some products are consigned to the graveyard while new ones take their place.  Kenya’s has experienced 20 years of creative destruction which has resulted in a rapid economic expansion.  The innovation was multipronged including technological advances, Paradigm shifts, Kenyans’ enterprise, and a shift in government policy focus.  The result; Kenya is the financial, ICT and transport hub of the eastern Africa region.  Liberalization of the Kenyan economy in the 1980s and 1990s spawned a generation of aggressive entrepreneurs who brought to prominence the “Kadogo economy.” This is a paradigm shift in management thinking that embraced the

Kenya gearing for economic take-off

Dogo Kundu By-pass Dogo Kundu by-pass phase 2&3, Lamu-Isiolo Highway, Second Runway at JKIA, the phase 2 Standard\gauge Railway, Thwake Dam…all gearing for construction this year and the next. At this rate, Kenya will soon look like a big Construction site.   Kenya is gearing for economic take-off “into a newly industrializing middle-income country providing quality life to all its citizens by 2030” says the long-term development strategy, Vision 2030.  The construction of a string of mega-projects in key sectors of the economy worth billions of US dollars across the country will soon begin. Some are on-going and are nearing completion. Some are Greenfield, others are extensions of existing infrastructure. And some compliment already completed projects, improving their operational efficiency.  The projects are well distributed among such key sectors as transport, energy, ICT, and water. All have one thing in common, they are transformative in nature.  Transformati