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Tanzania: Prey turned Predator?

President Magufuli: Bull in a China shop Tanzania recently passed a legislation which criminalizes criticism of official statistics. The legislation drew immediate protest from The World Bank and is viewed as a major contributor to the Bank's decision to cancel a proposed $300 million in financial support to the country.  This adds to the plethora of legislation and edicts that make the country’s Policy and legal environment baffling. While the laws and edicts are issued in the name of protecting Tanzania’s interests, they appear to have the opposite effect.  Consequently, investors are leaving, others have held back their plans, proposed acquisitions have been cancelled, businesses are closing, development partners are withdrawing and her mega- projects have no takers. And, with development partners also holding back their support, trouble is brewing in the Tanzanian pot. Apart from the Laws, edicts by Ministers and provincial administrators add to the confusion. The su