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In Africa, Green energy is a hanging fruit

  As the world is adjusting to Covid-19, some sudden changes will be inevitable Post-pandemic say, experts. Among these changes is the surge of resource nationalism- a situation where countries will domesticate production processes and resources. Africa is no exception.   In Africa, the pandemic and its attendant movement restrictions shifted a large proportion of economic activities and operations to digital platforms. Teleworking, e-learning, e-medicine, e-commerce, video conferencing have come into the vogue -and they are efficient and cheap. According to the Executive Secretary of ECA, Dr. Vera Songwe, the shift to digital platforms, consumes 40 percent of Africa’s electricity, she said. “This means that, to ground the ICT revolution and allow our economies “build back better,” post-COVID-19, we will need to invest in more power generation,” she concludes. In her diagnosis, that investment should focus on replacing fossil energies with green and sustainable ones. We are here