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Demand for Diesel Power Generation wanes in Kenya

Wind, Solar, Geothermal, and  Hydro  the leading   sources of power Green energy sources of Power generation in Kenya have surpassed 2.4GW thus paving the way for decommissioning of Diesel powered generation. Demand for Thermal power is declining as other cheaper sources come on stream.  This process will begin in two years’ time, the President has announced. Kenya is also, self-sufficient in electric power generation in the short run. The current capacity has risen to 2351 MW against a peak demand of 1802 MW, says KPLC, the electricity distributor.  Ninety percent (or 2.4 GW) of this capacity is supplied by green sources-hydro, geothermal, wind, and Solar sources.  The spare capacity, which is a requirement in power generation, stood at 23 percent by June 31, 2018, says the power Distributor, KPLC’s in its annual report 2017/18. Since then, an additional 364 MW have been added to the grid which puts the total capacity at 2715 MW. That there is more capacity to spare i

A Tsunami Brewing at Kenya Pipeline Corp.

J oe Sang: Jumped ship,was arrested  A Tsunami is brewing at Kenya Pipeline Corporation. And, it will ravage many people in a wide corruption network that thrives on milking KPC, we can report. The arrest of several senior managers is just the tip of the iceberg. More arrests are expected next week if documents in our possession are anything to go by.  The paper documents the extent of sleaze and outright theft of public resources at KPC. That charges were approved and arrests made hardly a week after the sleuths officially began investigations suggests that the charges were already with the DPP. The potential arrests include senior government officials, top officials at the corporation, politicians, their relatives, friends, associates, and dummy companies.   Kenya Pipeline Company is a den of iniquity, we can report. Everything unethical takes place at the corporation with impunity- graft, theft and nepotism rule the company.  The crimes include employment and promotion o