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This is East Africa’s Wall Street

  KCB Group Towers on  Hospital Road At the Junction of Mara Road, and Hospital road in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area, to the left, as you walk down, stands NCBA Centre. It looks like a football striker read to kick a penalty to the goalposts created by KCB towers and Equity Centre at the junction of Hospital hill road and Longonot Road, less than 100 meters away. Equity Centre on Hospital Road   As one turns into Hospital road, there is NCBA Annex, which stands like a teammate ready rush forward and strike the ball into the goal should the goalkeeper’s save bounce back.  We are not talking about Soccer here. We are talking about the Most Powerful financial district in East and Central Africa and, perhaps beyond. This stretch, hardly a Kilometre long, hosts East and Central Africa’s financial giants. Kenya’s top three banks, with a combined capitalization of roughly US$20 billion live on this prestigious address in the region’s financial market. These are Kenya Comme