Akombe is a fugitive!

 Roselyn kwamboka Akombe: A fugitive

  Roselyn Akombe is a fugitive, running away from potential arrest and prosecution for treason, we can report. Anything else she attributes to her sudden departure from IEBC as a commissioner is hot air.
 She fled the country on Monday, allegedly to go and oversee the Printing of ballot papers in Dubai, but the detoured to New York.  She was, and her handlers at NASA, were rattled by the Police raid in the House of NASA financier, Jimmy Wanjigi, at Muthaiga, in Nairobi.
The Raid NASA feared, will find some sensitive documents stored in that house. The Documents were apparently so incriminating that even the NASA lawyer, James Orengo, who is the Commander of the “Lawfare brigade,” was rattled.
Orengo, who was among the first to arrive at the Muthaiga 44, himself appeared shaken by the raid.  Meanwhile, Wanjigi holed himself in his palatial home refusing to let the Police in for a period of 72 hours forcing the cops to breaking into the house. But he was hidden in a bunker inside the house suggesting there was more than guns to hide in his house.
 Also raising curiosity is the entry of NASA leader, Raila Odinga, into the drama. Raila visited and spend the night at Muthaiga 44, on Tuesday.Although he came out saying he was detained in the House, Raila was on a different Mission. A report in the Satr on Wednesday Morning said Raila’s driver pulled a brief case from his car and took it to the house.30 minutes later, he took the Brief case back to the car. Contents not known.
James Orengo: Leading the Lawfare Brigade
A leaked WhatsApp chat tells it all. In the chat, she is told by James Orengo that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is waiting for her. Perhaps they found something in the raid on the Wanjigi home.   He tells her to close her bank accounts and leave the country immediately and stay away until perhaps December. Shen was asked to deliver her resignation letter to Chebukati, the chairman, through a proxy once she is safely in the air.
He promises to use the courts to block any investigation into her accounts.  This suggests that Akembo was receiving money from sources other than the government salary. It also suggests that investigation into the account would expose the sources. The chat which apparently lasted for more than an hour, ends with an urgent appeal “do what you can but leave the country immediately.”
In it, she told Orengo that she had already closed her accounts and was traveling to Dubai to oversee the printing of ballot papers. Bingo! Akembo suddenly became a fugitive at the Kenyans expense.  What could she have been paid for?
Another leaked chat, says it all. She was working with a group that wants to “remove these’ younglings Kikuyu and Kalenjin who have blocked some people from the positions”.  She was involved in a treasonable action! Was the author at the other end Orengo? The language and style suggest he was.
In the chat, she explains, that Chebukati has not approved the contracting of five local companies to host IEBC’s serves, blaming it “on the colonial mentality.”  The other writer explains that Raila wants the servers to be hosted locally for easy access. But Chebukati had refused to append his signature to remove OT Morpho.  Apparently, Akembo was involved in criminal activity against the state. She’s also suspected to have forged the documents that were produce in the Supreme Court that led to the invalidation of the Presidential election.
 A lawyer who claimed to have participated in drafting the NASA petition, unwittingly told this writer that even as later as Sunday , August 12, IEBC was still forging Presidential election Papers.
The Lawyer explained that the corrections were being done at Anniversary towers and that Some NASA sympathizer in IEBC, stole copies of the documents which they passed to a Watchman, through a toilet window.
The watchman then passed the documents to a Motor Cycle taxi- rider who delivered the said Forged papers to the Lawyers somewhere at Karen. According to this lawyer, the alleged forgery continued for a number of days.
This sounds like organized crime. August 12th, was a Sunday when there are few customers in the CBD and also around University way. What was the Rider doing at this point? Who asked him to be there on the material day?

 Sources, indicate that the Akembo’s disappearing act has rattled the Supreme Court Judges.  The judges, sources had been roped in the scheme to “remove the younglings from power.”  But things appear to be unravelling putting them judges “between a rock and a hard place.”


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