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The Central Corridor is no Option for Uganda

Ugandan Line designed  for Double tack wagons  Tanzania’s efforts to woo Uganda to abandon its Railways link through Kenya in favour of the Central Corridor have come to naught, we can report. A paper by the Uganda Ministry of Works and Transport has dismissed the route as a low priority route for Uganda. The document, seen by this publication also defines the key factors in the decision to invest in a modern railway line. Top on the agenda is savings in transit time, robustness, reliability, and maintenance costs in that order.  In all these variables the central Corridor -which traverses Tanzania- scored poorly, making it a no option for Uganda. The paper, an analysis of the SGR projects in East Africa, demonstrates why the central Corridor is not an option for Uganda. It demonstrates that the Central line is three days slower than the Northern Corridor even if they are built of the same standard. Dar-Es-Salaam port is 1548 Km away from Kampala compared to Mombas