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Kenya inching close to exporting Crude oil

 Kenya is inching closer to becoming an oil exporting nation in the next three months. So far some 70,000 barrels have been pumped and stored in tanks at the Lokichar Basin where the Wells are.   The country is planning to export 2000 barrels a day in a pilot project that will enable concrete understanding of the Wells.  It is also a learning ground for the technical aspects of the oil evacuation since Kenya’s crude is waxy and can solidify en route. This is a major lesson that must be learnt before the design and construction of the Pipeline for it has to be understood the exact temperature at which the oil has to be transported. Apart from understanding the temperatures, Kenyan officianado must also understand the oil business before signing the dotted lines. Kenya plans to produce some 2,000 barrels of crude a day for the pilot scheme. As at the end of February some 70,000 barrels were already in stock which means that by the end of June, an estimated 310,000 barrels w