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COVID-19: The end of bad manners?

 President Magufuli of Tanzania: Has talked down COVID-19 COVID-19 has shocked the world. Lockdowns, social distancing, wearing masks in public.. all these are new practices in the world.   A global Pandemic... no experts were prepared for such.   That’s why almost everyone is an expert and no one is. COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerability of such selfish practices as individual democratic rights subordinating them to community rights. For the first time in recent history, economic rights have been subordinated to public health rights. Things we have always taken for granted have forced their way to the front- and they stubbornly refuse to leave. This disruption has left many a leader in a state of confusion because it rendered old cultures and practices void. Many in the world, including governments, are in a quandary-not knowing the way forward.   Rising infections, deaths, and lockdown, loss of jobs, poverty. These are major concerns for governments and citizens al