KDF wrecks Al Shabaab camp in somalia

Hardly a month since they raided the WestGate Mall in Nairobi,the Kenya defense forces have attacked and wrecked an al-shabaab training camp in Somalia.

KDF have confirmed that the "courtesy call was successful."  However, It is not clear who else was involved. intelligence sources have hailed the attack as pay back time. Two days ago, intelligence reports say, two senior commanders were killed in a drone attack in Baraawe in South Somalia. Among the dead was a commander named Anta, a Bomb expert. Kenya Defense forces were also reported to have assaulted an al-shabaab camp in “Jillip deep in South Somalia.”

And now as we write, the same sources report that a training camp in South Somalia is under drone attack. An intelligence source in London is quoted as reporting heavy Bombardment at a camp Known as Hurguun 30 Km from Dinsoor. There are reports of continuous bombardment of the camp which is characteristic of Military jets, rather than drones. The number of casualties is not yet clear, but villagers estimate it could run into hundreds of ill-trained and ill-equipped trainees, our sources say.

An intelligence source has characterized the attack as “payback time for WestGate and he say, al-shabaab is paying a heavier price.” The camp is said to host some 400 trainees. Heavy smoke is reportedly billowing from the camp. Villages are said to be celebrating the demise of the tyrants.


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