Kenya Railways Corp seeking for investors to build mini-cities

A prototype of Nairobi Railway city
THE KENYA RAILWAYS Corporation, a public utility, is shopping  for investors to develop mini-cities on its idle land.The project to be build on 320 acres of land spread across three cities in the country will cost US$$3.0 billion. 

The mini cities will change the skyline in some of the cities, increase business activity, including tourism and light manufacturing in additon to turning the host cities into transport hubs. The corporation is thus targetting the kind of developers that are bidding for leases in Konza techno City.

To be developed jointly with investors on a long-term lease, the projects will be developed in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu. The developments will  include; ultra- modern Railway stations, direct rail links with the international airport in the host city, commercial buildings, an industrial park, shopping arcades and resorts, malls and restaurants among other facilities. 

A prototype of Mombasa  Railway city
The project is designed to complement the facilities in the cities. In Nairobi for instance, the corporation hopes to put up a US$1.4 billion mini-city on 200 acres of land on which it will build an ultra- modern railway station, direct rail links with the JKI airport, two five-star hotels with a capacity of  accommodating 1,500 persons each, commercial buildings, an industrial park, shopping arcades, resorts, malls and restaurants among other facilities. Nairobi is expected to grow into a transport hub in the region.

The development in Mombasa will cost US$0.95 billion and will comprise of a variety of Commercial buildings; an international exhibition Centre, business park for light manufacturing; three Hotels with conference facilities for 1000 people a piece; a  Shopping arcade, malls and restaurants and an entertainment park; 

A prototype of KisumU city 
 In Kisumu, the project will cost US$806 million and will open up Kisumu city to the world. Apart from the usual railway services, the city will enhance Kisumu’s status as the transport and commercial hub of the great lakes region. 

 The development will include a variety of commercial buildings; Business park for Light manufacturing/assembly; two Hotels with conference facilities for 1000 people each, a shopping arcade, malls and restaurants; a BPO park; an  entertainment park; ultra-Modern railway station


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