Blast the Chinese invasion in Africa

One Moment a home....
Next a heap of rubble
DAMN THE CHINESE INVASION in Africa. They have disrupted our lives.They are so obsessed with excavating! They and their ugly excavators compete with moles in their obsession to build webs of roads that destroy the environment. 

Like moles, they are no respecters of persons and their property even convenience.  Forests, homes, estates, animal reserves And fancy roads like ours have come down due to the Chinese’ excavation frenzy. People, cars, animals and drunkards are in tears because the Chinese have invaded and disrupted their lives.

I am one of those who have suffered loss due to Chinese. I live in a neighborhood where moles-sorry Chinese -are busy at work destroying the environment I am used to. They have dug up two roads that my contraption that passes for a car is familiar with. They have created a series of turns and twists that demand my complete sobriety to drive on these roads – sorry cattle tracks that are similar to roads.

Now my contraption was familiar with the old roads that the Chinese have excavated.  I could therefore drive home safely while drunk.  I could even doze off behind the wheel and the car would still find its way home safely.

 Now, that is history.  The Chinese have excavated 12 feet deep trenches and then beside the trenches, they have created diversions-tracks that are similar to roads- and directed motorists there. This means that it will be suicidal for drivers to doze off on the wheel in that stretch of our former roads. It is lethal to drive on these diversions if you are 20 per cent sober!
The reward: Fancy Roads

What’s more these diversions change every day. So we are constantly on a new environment. This means that we have to go home with the Chickens to avoid driving into a new trench.  Given their depth, the trenches will take a pretty long time to refill, hence our dear “roads” will be unusable for a long time-centuries maybe. Daily imbibers will therefore have to learn to be awake on these roads, or they will have to quit drinking- if they love their miserable lives.

 For Men to go home early is not a good thing for population control, for Kenya is known for its explosive population growth. One way of controlling population growth is by drinking ourselves silly and then sleep our heads off when we get home.  Alternatively you just sleep anywhere on the way home and wake up when slightly sober and go home.  The campaign to control population growth is in jeopardy.  Men will go home early and sober. They will thus take notice of the women around them and turn to them for fun. Bedroom acrobatics are famous for creating babies.

 “Beer widows” are cheering the arrival of the Chinese moles who force the men to divorce their dear bottle.  Bar owners are mourning for they face extinction. 

I and my ilk are not the only victims of the Chinese digging appetite. Thieves have been forced to change their location and/or undergo re-specialization. The trenching of the roads has meant that they are no longer passable hence no motorists pass there. For the thieves, the prey is gone.

 Some thieves have become workers on the construction site. The farsighted ones have shifted to other friendlier areas for they know that their trade on this road is permanently threatened. .

 Urban farmers too, are threatened, as their “farms” have been grabbed by the roads projects: They either pile more soil on their crops destroying them or, the roads have cut through the small plots making them unviable for business. The farmers have also lost in terms of the sewer water they were using to “irrigate” their farms. Constant diversion of the sewerage due to bursts and uprooting means the water goes to waste before getting to their plots.

Other victims include land grabbers- whether housing developers, urban poor, or the informal sector- all have been asked to vacate to give way to the Chinese.  Posh homes and shacks have been demolished with no hope of compensation. At least the drunkards will be compensated when their roads are restored to their former glory somewhere in the future. Land grabbers will not be compensated.

Even forest and national parks are threatened. The Nairobi national park, the only park in the city in the world,   is expected to lose some 80 acres to the Chinese built mania.

 At the end of it all, we are told, the Chinese will build a web of confusing roads which will allegedly increase our speed of travelling to work, reduce traffic snarl-ups, reduce pollution by engine emissions and cut down our oil import bill.  Dig that! The Chinese construction will reduce consumption of oil at a time when Kenya has just discovered oil!  Damn confusion this one, damn confusion. Even the roads are confusing. I hear that some fellow called Confucius was born in China. Was he?


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