Raila’s mantra: deceive, defraud, disrupt and/or destroy

Mpeketoni in 2014: Was the attack meant
 to scuttle the Eurobond?
According to an intelligence review seen by this publication, Opposition leader, Raila Odinga’s political strategy involves 4Ds which have put Kenya on the brink of a precipice.

 The 4Ds are: Deceive, Defraud, Disrupt, and/or Destroy. The publication says he learned this strategy from agents of the foreign intelligence section of Stasi, the East German secret police of the cold war era.
The unit was led by Markus Wolf, the famous man without a face who outsmarted western spy agencies due to his ability to elude being photographed.

 According to the publication, Raila was sent to study in East German in the 60s when his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, was Vice-President in Kenya. 

The man only qualified for a certificate in the ability to speak German from Herder Institut. The Document, Policy Brief, by the European Council of Foreign Relations authored by its EU intelligence and Situation Analysis Centre describes Raila as a poor student who took four years to gain the certificate.

Titled The Great Unravelling Doomsday scenario: Kenya on the edge of Precipice, the document says Raila was enrolled at the Technical School of Magdeburg but never attended class for a single day. He was busy learning Marxist ideology with East German Marxists “who saw his connections back home as a useful asset in the wider scheme of ideological influence in Africa.”

 Quoting declassified East German documents, the Brief says that Raila was perpetually broke in East German so he turned to smuggling, heading a  drug-smuggling ring to West German and vice versa. “He smuggled European cigarette Brands and Marijuana to his East German handlers through the checkpoint Charlie, the best known Berlin Wall crossing point between East and West Berlin, during the cold war era.”
He trained as a LADA Mechanic for Nine months, the document says, for the rest of the time he was being indoctrinated on Marxist ideology by the Stasi. LADA is a Russian-made automobile.

 Even here he was a poor student who took longer than others to grasp the basics of Marxist ideology. “He was disorganized and disruptive, never kept time, and a raging alcoholic who loved to smoke marijuana,” says the report, quoting the same declassified intelligence files.

“He never kept friends but African students in East German then simply tolerated him because of his status and because he occasionally supplied them with east European prostitutes for a fee,” it says.

While he took longer to understand Communist ideology, he believed in it. He “excelled in the theory of political deception, mobilizing and political brinkmanship.” His instructors were impressed with his achievement in this side with one noting he had been turned into a useful asset- a useful idiot says the document.

The report seems to hold the view that Raila will lose again to Kenyatta in the forth-coming elections warning that Kenya could be on the edge of a precipice.  Raila could again reject the loss and do a Besingye- that is get some Luo judges to swear him as President perhaps in Kisumu. That would be treasonable and could lead to a blood bath, it warns.
It is not clear if there are madmen among the Luo judges in the Judiciary who can undertake such a treasonable act.
Mobilzing Child Soldiers?
 However, even the Chief Justice and four others made a determination that Uhuru’s election was invalid without giving any ruling.

 The report warns that Raila would not blink if Kenya fell over the precipice if that is the price to pay to get him accommodated in the government.

Chronicling his penchant for Violence the report says that soon after he returned home, he organized the 1982 failed Coup together with Luo officers in Kenya Airforce. He also organized Mwakenya which targeted university students among his other disruptive activities.

It also chronicles fraudulent activities beginning with his father the Late, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who received a huge amount of money from Russia in the name of Luo thrift Union indicating that the flagship family business EA Spectre was born at about the same time. There is nothing to show for this Union.

At home, we have witnessed well-choreographed deceit which led to fraud. It would be recalled that in mid -1990s, there was a massive mobilization of funds to buy East Africa molasses plant in Muhoroni which ended up as part of the Odinga business empire.

In the recent past, there was huge mobilization for Okoa Kenya campaign. It is not clear how much was raised and how it was used. Neither is it clear how much was raised in the campaign to support teachers on strike in 2015 and how it was used.

The –adopt- a polling station was another example of a fraudulent mobilization of funds. Some estimates put the figure at kshs260 million raised for this campaign but were not used for the intended purpose.

On deceit, in the last five years, the NASA leader has spilled one scandal after another some of which have turned out to be no more than well-choreographed campaigns to destroy the careers of certain Kenyans. The most prominent was the Euro-Bond saga. After failing to sabotage the US$2 billion floatation in 2014, he came up with the allegation that the Money was stolen. But he refused to give evidence to back his allegations.
The Controller and Auditor General, Robert Ouko, has yet to release a report on his audit mission to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, almost a year since the mission was completed. 
 After losing every election in Kenya, the Electoralbody is disbanded at his behest. However, his loss in 20222, appears to have nailed hs political coffin for the elections was beyond dispute des[ite his effort to mount a challenge at the Supreme Court which was dismissed as "hot hair and  wild goose chase." Now he has hit the brick wall and is waging a feeble war against the Supreme Court in Kenya over words. 


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