No Political strings on Chinese Support in Africa.

Addis-Adama Expressway Ethiopia
funded by the Chinese
 CHINESE PREMIER Li Keqiang has pledged that aid to Africa will have no political strings attached. unveiled extra aid for Africa totaling at least $12 billion on Monday, and offered to share advanced technology with the continent to help with development of high-speed rail and telecommunications.

China will increase credit lines to Africa by $10 billion and will boost the China-Africa Development Fund by a further $2 billion, bringing it to a total of $5 billion.

Li "depicted a dream that all African capitals are connected with high-speed rail, so as to boost pan-African communication and development," the report said. As China has advanced technologies in this area,

Li said China was ready to work with Africa "to make this dream come true".

Equitorial Bridge : A Potential beneficiary
Africans broadly see China as a healthy counterbalance to Western influence but, as ties mature, there are growing calls from policymakers and economists for more balanced trade relations

"All China's support for Africa will come with no political strings attached," Li said. "We will not interfere with Africa's internal affairs or ask something impossible of Africa."  
China has in the recent past financed large infrastructure projects in Africa. These include Power lines, major highways and Railways.

 An estimated US$20 billion worth of deals on infrastructure development are expected to be signed during the trip. These include the US$13.3 billion highs speed Railways in Nigeria,  US$5 billion also in high speed railway in Kenya and some US$3.3 billion Railway project in  Ethiopia. For further reading Go to


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