KIsmayu: We got it right Al shabaab is annihilated

LET ME GLOAT for a change. Ten (10) months ago on this blog among other forums, I predicted that Kenyan Defense forces will annihilate Al Shabaab. Mine was not nationalistic shenanigans.

 It was the  result of a realistic assessment of the professionalism of the Kenyan Defense forces  and their hardware compared to Al shabaab, I also looked at the military strategy and was convinced Al Shabaab stood no chance because they were herded to ward Kismayu.

No other army would have survived such a strategy: The Air force controlled the air, the Navy controlled the sea and the Army controlled the land. How would an army so isolated survive any assault  from the sea, air and ground?

 They were sitting ducks.  I invite you to read  original copy. By defeating Al shabaab, The KDF, we hope has silenced critics both within the country and without. Most felt the KDF was a career Military force. Now they will think otherwise. 
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